May 15 - 17, 2020

Last Rites & D2E Charity Weekend

We care about this community and want to help you more than ever. 💙

Together with Last Rites, we raise money for the organization Guardians MH over a weekend.

GuardianMH Charity Event


  1. 💠 Friday: Trials Help
  2. 💠 Saturday: 3v3 Tournament on PlayStation
  3. 💠 Saturday: 3v3 FACEIT Solo Matchmaking on PlayStation and XBox
  4. 💠 Sunday: 1v1 Tournament on PlayStation
  5. 💠 Sunday: 3v3 Tournament on PC


  1. 💠 3x Razer Tournament Edition Headsets
  2. 💠 9x Destiny2 Heart Emblems "Planet of Peace"
  3. 💠 Bungie TShirts
  4. 💠 Games Raffle

Razer Kraken Headset Tournament Edition

Streamers Time Schedule


Streamer Time (UTC) Content Stream Link
vxFrag Fri, 2 pm Trials/carries or record or private matches vxfrag
PsychoDaz65 Fri, 5 pm Trials PsychoDaz
Jawsr_ Fri, 5 pm Trials Jawsr_
Cyosity Fri, 5 pm Trials Cyosity
SinnerXIV Fri, 7 pm Trials sinnerxiv
ActiiveVisiion Fri, 11 pm PvP content (No Trials) actiivevisiion
xKingAllan Sat, 12:30 am Trials xkingallan
guardiansmh Sat, 2 am destiny pve and mental health talk guardiansmh
PolarBear Sat, 7 am Destiny polarbear
iTz_DonnyCartel Sat, 1 pm PvP/Trials itz_donnycartel
MagickUnicorn Sat, 5 pm Tournament Cast MagickUnicorn_
strangeman08 Sat, 5 pm Destiny 2 strangeman08
Suttledge Sat, 7 pm Trials or Grandmaster Nightfalls suttledge
TheHoplite Sat, 10 pm Talk, Play with Viewers TheHoplite
guardiansmh Sun, 2 am destiny pve and mental health talk guardiansmh
J0_Kool Sun, 2 pm Destiny 2 J0_Kool
SwampFox24 Sun, 5 pm PvP comp SwampFox24
sweaty0rnot Sun, 10 pm Niobe Lab Helps sweaty0rnot

About this campaign

"All donations go to supports Guardians MH, 501c3 nonprofit mental health organization that is focused on promoting mental health awareness and meaningful resources throughout the gaming community. We provide first step support with gathering resources, peer support and where to find a mental health professional near you." - GuardiansMH
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